It all began with a short course held by Suffolk Adult Education at Stradbroke High School. This foray into Creative Writing formed a small but enthusiastic group who became known as the BigSky Writers.

When the course had finished, some of the attendees continued to meet regularly and Nikki McDonagh, the course tutor, coaxed the group to produce enough short stories and poetry to produce a book and so the first volume was created. Since then there have been some changes as a few members have left and others have joined but the group published their 2nd volume in 2016 followed by a double page feature in The Suffolk Magazine and their 3rd volume in November 2017.

The group meet twice a month. One session is on a Tuesday morning and this is where the imagination flies as there is a stimulus, a discussion and debate before a silent writing period. At the end of the session, the group shares its work and advice and opinion are kindly given before individuals retire to the comfort of their own writing spaces at home either to expand or archive their pieces. Often the discussion around the stimulus and the subsequent pieces leads to much laughter and is certainly always entertaining. We have all become good friends through this sharing of experiences and trust each other’s judgements implicitly. The other session is held on a Tuesday evening and is the business meeting where logistics of publishing and finance are discussed and agreed upon. Not all members attend this meeting but might simply attend the morning creative one.

We are always looking for new ideas both for jump-starting our work and how to launch it and welcome new members who have desire to write but who also have bright lively thoughts and opinions to inject into the activities. If that is you – please do contact me on: or 07730011951