Stradbroke Youth FC is an “Inclusive” football club offering boys and girls of any age or ability the opportunity for training, coaching, and playing in a team. We want youngsters to improve their skills, personal development and motivation. Most important of all however, we are a club, not just a football team, and want young people to enjoy themselves by being and playing together. One of our principle club policies is that if a child is registered with a team and is available to play he/she will always get to play. No-one is left on the sidelines irrespective of their ability.

We take a professional approach to club management and organisation at all levels. We are fully constituted with an active management committee which works for and on behalf of everyone in the club. Stradbroke Youth FC is a Charter Standard club with is the FA’s quality standard for well run football clubs. 

SYFC is formally constituted and affiliated to the Suffolk FA and has a code of conduct which promotes fairness and respect in everything we do. Everyone, including players, coaches, committee members, parents and guardians, show respect for one another and act appropriately at all times in the best interests of the club.

We recognise that not every child wants or is able to play competitive football, so we have a policy of providing other opportunities for experiencing the game. These include friendlies, coaching sessions, training and even helping with running the club. All members of the Club are equally important to us and we endeavour to treat them so.

For more details please contact the coach, Callum Muttock ( or the Chairlady, Sharon Muttock (