Stradbroke Community Centre is privileged to have both a large screen, blue ray player, a high quality laser projector and surround sound system. This enables us to show high quality films in the comfort of our own village and without travelling to one of the larger cinema studios further afield. Once a month we offer a recent or award winning full length movie for view to the public.

The bar is open from 7.00pm and again during the interval when ice creams are also available. Tickets are £5.50 each for adults and £3.00 for 16s and under. Tickets can be purchased online prior to the event, just go to the film page for the option to buy online.

All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the Community Centre. If you would like to suggest films for the future or help as a volunteer please contact Jane Merritt (01379 388382) or Roger Turkington (01379 384248) or email

Films of Spring 2022 are:

Thursday 20th January – The Courier 12A

Thursday 17th February – Stillwater 15

Thursday 17th March – The French Dispatch 15

Thursday 21st April – Spencer 12A


Films for Autumn 2021 were:

Thursday 16th September – Ammonite (15)

Thursday 21st October – Supernova (15)

Thursday 18th November – The Last Bus (12A)

Thursday 16th December – The Father (12A)


You can read reviews and watch trailers by following the links above. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please email us at –