Social and Leisure

Address: Half Moon Farm
The Street

IP21 4QD

Borderhoppa provides a range of vital community transport services which are available to people who have no access to other forms of transport. Users of the service include young people, the elderly, community groups, the rurally isolated and those with impaired mobility. Borderhoppa services allow users to carry out important tasks such as attend medical appointments, go shopping, pay bills, participate in social events and to visit friends and family.

Phone Number: 01379 854800
Contact Name: Candice Dudley
Phone Number: 01379 388038
Contact Name: Sheree Queen
Phone Number: 01379 668694
Contact Name: Jane Merritt
Phone Number: 01379 388382

Meets in the Community Centre on Tuesdays 10am to 1.30pm

Contact Name: Stella Goddard
Phone Number: 01379 384704
Contact Name: Jane Merritt
Phone Number: 01379 388382
Contact Name: Carole Sach
Phone Number: 01379 388577
Radio Stradbroke

Local Radio Station available on the internet

Contact Name: Michael Hugman
Phone Number: 07796 465347
Contact Name: Bernard Mills
Phone Number: 01986798414
Contact Name: Don Darling
Phone Number: 01379 388098