Stradbroke is very fortunate in having some twelve miles of public footpaths. They are in good condition and most are cut either twice or three times a year by the Parish Council and by Suffolk County Council.

At Wootten Green there had always been two difficult stiles, one very high, which gave access to the Wilby Road from Horseshoe Farm. They were necessary because the meadow was often the home for several horses. The stiles have now been replaced by two metal ‘Kissing Gates’ which are much easier to use and which can still keep the field secure for horses. Do try them out!

The gates were donated by Suffolk County Council and the work of installing them done by members of the Stradbroke Charitable Trust.

Please keep dogs under control and clean up after them.  There are red bins at strategic points around the centre of the village.

There is a free leaflet showing all the paths and copies can be found in the Church and at the Medical Centre.  Alternatively you can download one here. Footpath leaflet

If you require further information or have any difficulties please contact the Parish Clerk