Saving All Saints: Dedicated to raising money to secure the future of our church.

Saving All Saints was set up under the umbrella of the Friends of All Saints Stradbroke (FOASS) to raise the large amount of money needed for essential repairs to the church, the condition of which is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

The project started with the creation of a new logo following a competition at the village primary and secondary schools. The competition was won by Lauren Hallams, Jessica Brown, and one other who wishes to remain anonymous. Hannah Weeks, a local illustrator, then combined the three winning designs to create the new logo which will now be used on all documentation relating to the project, so do look out for it.

Meet The Team

Gill Rennie-Dunkerley: Project Co-ordinator
Jane Merritt: Secretary
Carol Darling: Treasurer
Peter Gregson: Consultant
Pat Pomp: Photographer
Margaret Streeter: Village Recorder
Margaret Jenkins: Resources

The Challenge

Have you visited the church lately? Have you seen the state of disrepair? Click on this link to see for yourself the problems we face. Church Interior


Latest Church news

Most of you will have read in the magazine that the church clock is in need of repair, and that the estimate for this work was £4,080. Thanks to a wonderful response to the appeal for contributions to the repair fund, and a stoic persistance from Margaret Streeter, we are now all ready to go. It is very encouraging that £1,590 of the sum raised was donated by caring Stradbroke residents.

On Tuesday 22nd the clock mechanism was removed by Jack and Ian of Haward Horological Ltd, Felixstowe. Time will now stand still at 12.51 as far as All Saints is concerned until the repairs have been carried out and the workings reinstalled, hopefully in around three weeks time.

Church clock mechanism

The Clock mechanism prior to starting the removal


Jack and Ian Haward

Jack and Ian Haward in the clock tower


Scaffolding on All Saints

Well, the oil tank has gone, and although the church is still open, there will be no heating for some time. Regular services are being held in the Baptist Chapel and Court House. This just highlights the general deterioration of the building and installations and the urgent need for major repairs.
There is a little ray of sunshine though! The scaffolding that has been erected along the front of the building signifies that there is work planned. As a direct result of being granted “Heritage at Risk” status, we have been awarded £10,000 specifically to prevent further water seepage.
This is what the £10,000 will buy us:-
Raking out and repointing with lime mortar the South Aisle East parapet and wall and South Clerestory wall
Clearing all guttering
Replacing the South Aisle gutter
Replacing cracked tiles/slates on the Nave roof

One small step, but an important one. Thank you Historic England