It is now 4 weeks since Good Neighbours set up the Covid-19 community support team. Now with over 100 clients on their list and almost as many volunteers it has been a very busy month. The first couple of weeks were a bit hectic as the phone holder had to manage an ever increasing number of clients and volunteers. Also, the new volunteers and clients all needed to understand the new protocols that had been put in place, recording who wanted what and from where and then explaining this to a volunteer also had its teething problems. For example prescriptions can only be collected with full details of the client, full name, address and date of birth. Shopping lists can be as simple as half a dozen eggs and a newspaper or a long list of items, some of which may not be available and alternatives need to be found.By the end of the month all the new volunteers had completed at least one errand and some as many as four, and all clients were happy!  So we think that they all deserve a round of applause for their sterling efforts.