The New Website

Welcome to the new website. Stradbroke Online was instigated in 2014 to provide residents with an up-to-date information base about all aspects of Stradbroke. It has been managed by a small group of residents keen to provide a reliable information resource in the village. The editors have long planned an upgrade of the website to […]

New Classified Ads.

Have you got something you would like to sell or give away to a good home? Are you looking for something and want to post an ad? Look no further, our new Classified Ads section is local and completely free. If you want to place an ad on our website then send us the details […]


To her right the North Sea was sneezing and grumbling. It cleared its throat repeatedly, looked drab and out of sorts. Lily’s own state of mind exactly. The inside of her head was full of shifting layers of, what? Sand, most likely. Sand and, or, mud. To her left, winter-empty beach huts, colours muted, paint […]

Black Sheep

Ours wasn’t a big bedroom, but it was larger than the one I’m in now. I remember, when she hurried me through the door, I caught again the once familiar view from the window. The lighthouse along the coast in Southwold stood out clearly today – I spotted it against the clouds before Ellie even […]


Despite the insistent wind lashing against their faces, the visiting walkers stomped along the coastal path. Disconcertingly, the sea was higher than the land and pregnant sails peeped over the sea wall looking down on woolly-headed, wax-jacketed, thermal-gloved stalwarts. Sturdy boots splashed and squelched with regular stops to allow for ‘bird-watching’. A woman did just […]