Storm ERIC – UK Power Networks

You may have seen the forecast of high winds and rain (Storm Erik) expected to arrive tomorrow (Friday 8th February), affecting parts of the South East and the East of England. We are currently monitoring the weather closely and we are in regular contact with the Met Office as the forecast develops. Our electricity network is […]

School Travel Policy – 2019

Suffolk County Council is implementing changes to its School Travel Policy taking effect from September 2019. We have written to all schools with information about the policy change and how it will affect them. For your reference please see below the detail of the policy change and how it may affect schools in your area. […]

Unruly Fare

John picked up his passengers, a young man reasonably dressed and a young woman who was more brash with her dress.He didn’t like picking up in city centres at night and would carefully assess his customers to ensure they wouldn’t be trouble. In his view the couple looked okay, a bit fresh, but he was […]

Rugby Six Nations

Following the success of watching the world cup games on the  big screen in the Community Centre, you can now come and see England playing rugby in the Six Nations Championship live. Depending upon support all five England games will be shown. Entrance is free and the bar will be open. So for all you […]

Bri in the Sky

Brian looked down at the sea below, interlocking slabs of endless grey, as cold and unyielding as granite and equally as unforgiving, a deadly adversary. The phrase ‘from here to eternity’ flashed through Brian’s mind. Not a comforting thought for every pilot knew that exposure and hypothermia would inevitably claim his life even if he […]

The New Website

Welcome to the new website. Stradbroke Online was instigated in 2014 to provide residents with an up-to-date information base about all aspects of Stradbroke. It has been managed by a small group of residents keen to provide a reliable information resource in the village. The editors have long planned an upgrade of the website to […]

New Classified Ads.

Have you got something you would like to sell or give away to a good home? Are you looking for something and want to post an ad? Look no further, our new Classified Ads section is local and completely free. If you want to place an ad on our website then send us the details […]


To her right the North Sea was sneezing and grumbling. It cleared its throat repeatedly, looked drab and out of sorts. Lily’s own state of mind exactly. The inside of her head was full of shifting layers of, what? Sand, most likely. Sand and, or, mud. To her left, winter-empty beach huts, colours muted, paint […]