Two weeks ago on 14th March, an email was sent to the twenty five Good Neighbour volunteers proposing that a support network for self isolating and vulnerable members of our community be set up. There was a positive reply from all of them, and so it began.

Within a couple of days the advice from the government was that over seventy year olds should remain in their homes, only leaving if absolutely necessary. Sadly this cut out a good proportion of the work force.

In the space of twenty four hours, a flyer was produced and delivered to all houses within the parish. This offered help to anyone who needed it as well as asking for more volunteers. As a result the number of volunteers has increased from twenty five to sixty six, which is amazing, and the team is extremely grateful to everyone who has come on board. The services offered are shopping, collecting and delivering of prescriptions and a friendly and reassuring voice on the telephone. Essential transport to hospitals and doctors continues to be offered. Those of the volunteers who are unable to leave the house have plenty to do in manning the ‘phone and dealing with the considerable amount of admin. The client list is now over a hundred and on average there are five requests a day; all of which to date have been fulfilled.

Please keep an eye out for people in the village who may need help and call the Good Neighbour ‘phone
with their details. The Good Neibour team will be only too pleased to help. The number is 07749445531.