Hello and welcome back to the W.I. report, yes, we actually managed a socially distanced meeting of 15 members in the Covid 19 secure Community Centre on September 10th. The committee came armed with bleach, cleaning cloths and a list of instructions on how to safely proceed and some rather smart visors for each member so that face masks could be avoided, all very successful and thanks to Gwyneth for locating them. Linda, our president, welcomed everyone and explained a few rules on covid protection and we caught up on news about other members and how the W.I. hierarchy are hoping we can move forward with our meetings but it is clear that as infection numbers change and restrictions alter these will need to be our guiding lights. Well onwards and upwards and over to our guest speaker.

Julie Theaker is a musician and a mostly self taught harpist who comes from Laxfield . Julie brought with her a small Celtic harp and a larger Chamber harp to demonstrate her skills on. Julie gave us an interesting history of their development and place in the musical world and interspersed it with stories about her own history with these instruments We were treated to a traditional Celtic tune called Kiss the Quaker or Kiss the Quakers Wife depending on your preference, very light and airy, and several beautiful tunes on the Chamber harp which had a very dreamy lyrical feel and sound . There was time for Qs and As followed by our applause and thanks for a very soothing pleasant evening.

Next a brief chance to chat amongst the members, always keeping that safe distance and the evening drew to a close. We are hoping and currently planning to have our 8th October meeting  when we will be entertained by the Rev. Canon David Atkins. Hopefully current restrictions will be reduced but we will keep our members informed. Thanks to all who made the meeting possible and look forward to our next chapter. Stay Safe everyone .                                                                    Prue Rush.



Hello everybody welcome back to the world of the W.I and sorry we didn’t make it for last month but unfortunately this absentee correspondent did not organise anybody to do the deed In her absence, oops and sorry. Actually it was troubles all round as the booked speaker was also unable to attend due to ill health and so our very own Charmaine Cooper stepped into the breach and entertained the members with her music, wit and quizzes all much enjoyed and appreciated by everyone so thank you very much Charmaine.

The meeting this week started with our usual rendition of Jerusalem followed by our best wishes to our gallant quiz team due to compete in early April and a vote to support the retention of the red button facility on the BBC which aids particularly visually impaired and other disabled people to enjoy the programmes available, we voted to support the motion. Linda then introduced our speaker Charlie Haylock to speak to us about the history of the English language.

Thus began one of the most informative and entertaining evenings ever at the W.I. We heard how our language developed from the invaders from Jutland, Saxony, Sweden, Norway, Normandy and Rome all wrapped up with the dialect of the Angles and Friesians not forgetting the Vikings and anyone else who passed by in there various longships who wished to invade this Sceptred Isle.  Charlie explained how spellings and pronunciations changed with each new input from abroad and gave us the hilarious example of how the ough sound could be translated into a tickly cough being called a tickly cow treated with cow drops, yes our language is confusing. Later Arabic, American and Indian words and even the Dutch joined our language with the Greeks having input through the Romans. I suspect most of you know that bungalow comes from the time of the Empire when India added many words to our language and the Dutch gave us crinkle crankle walls describing their shape most effectively. The Welsh dialect gave us penguin as a description of a bird that looked like a Great Ork and so on . This was a great interactive evening with much laughter and attempted translation of some of the dialects Charlie demonstrated. To complete his talk Charlie rambled gently through the  U.K. in dialect demonstrating how words are formed by changing the position of your tongue your lips and even your teeth, top over lower teeth, teeth together and lower teeth in front  of top teeth, those with dentures trying this take care! Finally received English as per the BBC came to be accepted in 1926 with words and their pronunciation being formalised, huh. There is so much more I should report but I must contain myself  and simply thank Charlie for such an excellent evening with so much laughter, excellent much needed medicine, and fascinating facts.

Time for refreshments and thanks to Gill and June for their efforts, posies for the birthday girls, a bit of business and thanks to Charlie offered up by Caroline on our behalf the evening drew to a close and we look forward hopefully to our next meeting on 9th April when the Fools Puppet Theatre will be joining us and all will be welcome if the meeting goes ahead. Stay well everyone look after yourselves and others and I look forward to writing the report of our next meeting soon. Prue


The meeting opened with a welcome from our new President Linda Webb who wished us all
well for the new year and in turn we say thank you to her for taking on the role of President and
good fortune to her and her new committee. We sang Jerusalem and thanked our hostesses Viv and
Jane J for the flowers and the upcoming refreshments then to business. It has been mooted that it
would be a good idea if we changed the time of our January and February meetings from evening to
afternoons , this was put to the meeting and agreed that we will try it in 2021 so watch this space.
Sadly we heard that Jean Morgan lost her husband David before Christmas and our thoughts and
sympathies were expressed for her and her family, also Sue Gray is unwell and we send her our best
wishes for a speedy recovery. Next the meeting was introduced to Andy Malcolm our speaker from
the charity the Fishermans Mission.
Andy introduced himself telling us how his mother in law had seen an advert for someone to
work at the mission as a fundraiser and coordinator and like all sensible men he listened to this wise
lady went for the interview and was offered the job. Raising money to help fishermen and their
families during difficult times is the main object of his job but also raising the profile of the charity
and their work is part of his remit .This he achieves by dressing up in full yellow oilskins and standing
outside big supermarkets with banners and posters , brave fellow. Andy told us funny stories and
stories tinged with sadness but also those which tell how with the help of the charity injured
fishermen and their families have been supported through very hard dark times and come out into
the sunshine and for some even back to sea. With a pretty fine baritone voice he sang some sea
shanties and had us joining in with the chorus and with some gusto when it came to cockles and
mussels alive alive o. We were also treated to a funny poem about fishfingers and learned that an
average of 1800.00 of these fishy delights are eaten world wide every second, perhaps the mission
could turn its attention to all these fingerless fish poor things.! A quick quiz told us that salmon is
our favourite fish and cod a close second plus the fact that we eat 38 million portions of fish and
chips a year the first portion being served in about the 1860 era. Fish and chips was the only food
not rationed in the war on the instruction of Winston Churchill who decreed that we needed this old
companion by our side ,thanks Winnie. The presentation concluded and we visited his stall of
goodies happy to support this useful charity and Annie gave a vote of thanks.
Refreshments ,birthday posies and the raffle concluded the evening and we all left thinking
perhaps our lives were not as hard as some and grateful for people like Andy .Our next meeting is on
13 th Feb. when Magdelaine Snowden will speak to us about Hats and Crafts and Flowermaking so
come and join us try us out for size all welcome. Prue