In 2017 a new project was initiated to raise funds to refurbish the church and expand the internal facilities for the wider benefit of the village. Below is a brief summary of the project.






The project started with the creation of a new logo following a competition at the primary and secondary schools. The competition was won by: Lauren Hallams, Jessica Brown, and someone who wanted to remain anonymous. Hannah Weeks, our local illustrator, then combined 3 winning designs to create the new logo which will now be used on all documentation relating to the project, so do look out for it.


Planned Building Work

The key points to note were:

  • Rebuild the east nave parapet and gable
  • Rebuild the bulging and loose sections of walls
  • Re-align at least 2 windows in danger of popping out
  • Repair other windows
  • Strip and re-lay south aisle & south porch roofs
  • Install new rainwater downpipes and drains
  • Make good all damaged plasterwork
  • Remove pews
  • Replace damaged floors
  • Improve lighting
  • Investigate boiler/heating system
  • Create new community space



Feb 2017              Submit heritage lottery fund application

June 2017            Result announced.  If successful then:

August 2017                  –  Building work commences; 
                                      –  Community project established
April 2018                      –  1st stage building work completed
                                      –  2nd phase of application completed
                                      –  If successful, money released for next phase
September 2018           –  Full community project commences


Total cost                 £250,000

Fund applied for:    £250,000 


The Community Project

In order to gain the approval of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) we have to show that we are working as a community to save the church building as we have a need for it besides religious services. As such we have been creative in our thinking and hope you will join us in the project to ‘Save All Saints’.

The Project – key points

To remove pews to create a new space at the back and north side of the church. This will allow for more flexibility for performances in the round, exhibitions, café arrangements etc.

To develop a major permanent exhibition celebrating past important rectors e.g. Rev. J.C. Ryle. In line with this to develop an accompanying website.

To develop workshops with local craftspeople/experts to share skills in recycling the pews removed into other furniture etc.

To increase the footfall of visitors into the church building to share its heritage and the social history of Stradbroke.


Unfortunately despite an enormous amount of work preparing the grant application for the Lottery Fund, the outcome was disappointing. The scope of the project was too ambitious. Since then a new project has been initiated with lower ambitions focusing first and foremost on the restoration of the church to prevent it from further deterioration. Expectations are higher this time round since the church has been formally put on the “at risk” list and needs to be preserved.