• At Risk & Under Threat
    Have you been into All Saints Church recently? Are you aware of the poor condition our church building is in? Without urgent action the damage will be permanent and parts of the church will be too dangerous to use.  Historic England has placed our church on their “Heritage At Risk” register following their concern. […]
  • Road Resurfacing Stradbroke to Horham
    Potential disruption to traffic as a result of road resurfacing on B1117 for Horham, Stradbroke, Denham & Eye  between 14 and18 July 2019. This is necessary to stop further deterioration and improve the road surface. For more details see this link Road Resurfacing 14 – 18 July 2019 […]

Flash Fiction

  • The Interview
    It was a strange Interview. In a short angry speech the Rt Hon Dennis Clarke announced his resignation as Home Office Minister on the grounds that: ‘The defeat of his bill to extend the law on youth crime had made his position untenable, and he could no longer support government policy.’ His sudden resignation added depth to a nationwide spate of stabbings which had already become a hot topic throughout the country, and he was eagerly invited onto ‘Ben and […]
  • 1979
        ‘Come on, come on,’ Nancy urged her Mini to continue crawling up the icy road without stopping.  The snow had fallen hard in the previous night and, even here, in North London, the roads were shining with ice.  This was not going to stop Nancy going to her best friend’s 21st birthday luncheon bash and take the opportunity to show off her recently purchased first car.  Not many of her student friends actually had a car in 1979.  The car […]

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