For over 100 years, Football has been an important part of Stradbroke life. Stradbroke United used to play their matches at various sites in the village before establishing a permanent pitch at the Community Centre. Under the presidency of George Cooper and subsequently Don Lummis, Stradbroke United grew into a very successful football club for a village of its size. Its major achievement was winning the Saul Cup in season 2003/04 and at the same time finishing second in Division 2 (out of 6 divisions). The club has always been a friendly club and highly respected within the footballing community. A quote from a book by Graham Apperley about his life as a grass roots football referee epitomises Stradbroke United.

The day to day running of the club for many years had been by Mike and Mary Ellis. Mike sadly passed away in 2017. He founded the club and was involved for nearly 70 years starting as a player and ending up as Club Chairman. 

The club no longer has sufficient players to form a team but hopefully a new team will be formed in the near future.