The Contact Club has been running for a bit more than twenty years and fills an important role in village life. It was started by Evelyn Hawes at the Old Village Hall and it still meets every week in the Community Centre. Right from the very beginning, the purpose of the club has been to provide a weekly get-together for people who have experienced physical, psychological or social problems in the past and feel the need for a period of warmth and friendship. It is an informal environment and offers companionship to those who might otherwise feel isolated.

Membership has varied over the years but is usually around 18 to 20 members. We gather together at the Community Centre every Tuesday at 10.00 am and, on arrival, members share a cup of coffee or tea with some biscuits. Some then play cards or dominoes, sometimes bingo or do some handicraft work. Much of the time people just prefer to chat and enjoy each other’s company. Every week we have a raffle or some other kind of fund-raiser to raise some money for our outings which take place in the warmer weather and usually involve a trip to the seaside

Once a month, ‘Polly’ comes to do gentle exercises with everyone and this is most enjoyable for all. At twelve noon, lunch is served and we continue until half past one. We always have a Christmas Party with the food supplied by our own members and we often have a special Christmas lunch at a local pub. If you would like to come along, please feel free to contact the organiser. 

Organiser:  Stella Goddard