The club started in Sept 2007 with 12 members. Then we usually met on a Tuesday evening to play friendly games of table tennis. The club grew to a maximum of 38 members in 2012/13 with many youngsters from the High School joining. Today the we have a regular membership of 26. In the beginning we had three tables and only seven bats, but with the growth in membership we have been able to afford new equipment and can boast of 5 tables and eighteen bats. In reality many players bring their own bats so there is always one available for beginners and those who don’t own one. As a sports club we must have one of the widest age ranges for a club in the region spanning nearly 70 yrs. our youngest is 7 and the oldest is 76.

Table Tennis is a sport for all the family and we are always pleased to see new players coming along.  Our “season” runs from September to April with some occasional summer sessions for those interested. Normally there are other outdoor pursuits that take up people’s time and it is an opportunity for members and organisers to take a break during the summer.

We now meet on a Wednesday except for the last week in the month when it is on Tuesday. The charges £1 for children and £1.50 for adults.

If anyone would like to come along feel free to get in touch with Tony Potts.