The churchyard in the centre of the village reached its  present size in about 1871 when under the direction of John Charles Ryle, some cottages within it on Church Street were demolished at the same time as the Church was being substantially refurbished.A few years ago It seemed that it, in turn, would become full but the growing popularity of cremation rather than burial has slowed down the need for so many full size plots. 

During the spring there is a fine display of wild flowers, especially cowslips, ox-eye daisies, yellow rattle and in some years a splendid display of green-winged orchids.




Soon afterwards a field on the Laxfield Road was purchased and consecrated. A chapel was built and the cemetery has been used for Stradbroke burials ever since.

The north-east corner is now reserved for the ashes of those who prefer to be cremated.


Enquiries about plots in Stradbroke Cemetery should be made to the Parish Clerk.