FOASS was set up by Mike Readman and Diana Sharpe and other volunteers in the year 2000 to start to raise funds for the fabric of the Church. It so dominates the centre of the village that they thought that many people who do not normally go to church would none-the-less not wish it to fall into disrepair. Or as was the case at the time, to fall even further into disrepair! Raising funds for the 550 year old building by putting on a programme of social events, would also enhance the general quality of life in the village.

They were proved right in both respects. FOASS has raised funds each year through annual member subscriptions and a remarkably varied number of social activities of all kinds. Dinners, lunches, early morning walks followed by breakfast, tea dances, garden parties, musical evenings, a variety of talks, a Safari Supper and slide shows. Items for sale were produced including gift cards, Stradbroke calendars, souvenir Stradbroke tea-towels and even Stradbroke mousemats.

In the year 2014/15 FOASS raised over £4000 to bring the total since the start to well over £40,000. The most urgent task of replacing the slates of the whole nave was completed about eight years ago but the leadwork on the side aisles still needs replacing to keep the rain out.

Chairman: Margaret Streeter (01379 384869)
Treasurer: Carol Darling (01379 388098)
Membership Secretary: Jane Merritt (01379 388382) 

New ‘Friends’ would be welcome, especially those willing to help with organising events.

Charity No. 1095291