Welcome to our website, the place to find out what’s going on in the W.I.

We have long been associated with ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ and we are not ashamed of that, but like the first Ford motor cars built in the early 1900s we have now come a long way since those days. Gone are the old images of ladies in hats making jam. In their place is a vibrant group of talented ladies with a zest for life who come together once a month to enjoy what the modern W.l. can offer. Information, interesting speakers, outings, crafts, education (we have our own college where courses can be taken) and much, much more, all bound together with those essential ingredients friendship and community spirit. There are many skills within our Stradbroke Group some of which are illustrated by the attached photographs for which we are justly proud, none more so than our creativity in the field of crafts, and of course baking. A skill we are renowned for.

Our community and environment is very dear to us and we support it in any way we can.  We have an annual programme of visiting speakers and events which is published in the Calendar of this website and also by following this link. In addition to our normal meetings we have 3 clubs which members are free to join. These are a Book Club, a Circle Dancing Club and a Luncheon Club. Together with our President, Gill Bird, and her committee the future is bright for us all, but we would love to welcome more members, so why not come and join us for an evening and perhaps become a member of this very special organisation. You would be very welcome.