The first steps to build a full-size Bowling Green in Stradbroke were taken when Mr. R Cattermole and Mr. N Spurling approached Stradbroke Parish Council for the use of land on the Recreation Field. This was done at a meeting at the Queens Head, Stradbroke on Tuesday 9 July 1974 between Bowling Friends, Parish Council and Suffolk County Officials. Forms were submitted to the Suffolk Playing Field Association for a grant of one third of the estimated cost of £1393. It was hoped that Mid-Suffolk District Council would also meet one third of the cost, leaving a third for the club to fund. Although letters were received indicating that no grants would be available, the decision was made on 25 March 1975 to proceed anyway.

Work began on 20th May 1975 when a digger removed all the turf and topsoil from the site. A bulldozer, loaned by Spencer Flawes, prepared the whole area to levels set up by Russell Cattermole. Concrete curbs, previously made by prospective members were laid round the Green. On 6th June a letter was received from Mid-Suffolk District Council offering £100 to forfeit the grant request. This was not accepted. However, two days later a letter from Suffolk County Council revealed that we were now on the priority list for a grant from them! Work continued and on Sunday 8th June 1975 the drains were laid and two inches of ballast spread all over the area. The seed was given by Spencer Hawes and it was sown on 23rd September. By this time a grant had been received from Suffolk County Council to the value of £464. On the 3rd November this was followed by a further grant of £465 from Mid-Suffolk District Council.

Mr. Dick Peaches, the Suffolk County President, officially opened the Green on Tuesday, 17th May 1977. Mr. Peaches bowled the first wood and then local members played the friends of the County Executive Committee. It was a match which would set the seal on a splendid voluntary achievement, praised and recognised as a ‘fine community effort’ by Suffolk County Playing Fields Association. However, after only eight ends the match had to be abandoned due to heavy rain. Just over £2,500 had been spent on the Green and apart from grants totalling £929 from the County and District Councils, the rest of the money was raised by the club itself. In the spring of 1998, a new pavilion was opened and this greatly enhanced the facilities available to members and visitors alike.