The Interview

It was a strange Interview. In a short angry speech the Rt Hon Dennis Clarke announced his resignation as Home Office Minister on the grounds that: ‘The defeat of his bill to extend the law on youth crime had made his position untenable, and he could no longer support government policy.’ His sudden resignation added […]


    ‘Come on, come on,’ Nancy urged her Mini to continue crawling up the icy road without stopping.  The snow had fallen hard in the previous night and, even here, in North London, the roads were shining with ice.  This was not going to stop Nancy going to her best friend’s 21st birthday luncheon […]


He couldn’t hear Sarah’s feet thump the sand as she sprinted away – his daughter’s screams drowned out everything. Left alone with two distraught children, Jeff felt sick with panic and dread. Lucy’s blood still dripped onto the pale sand, despite the tightly wrapped towel. He held her close and repeated his lie that everything […]

Unruly Fare

John picked up his passengers, a young man reasonably dressed and a young woman who was more brash with her dress.He didn’t like picking up in city centres at night and would carefully assess his customers to ensure they wouldn’t be trouble. In his view the couple looked okay, a bit fresh, but he was […]

Bri in the Sky

Brian looked down at the sea below, interlocking slabs of endless grey, as cold and unyielding as granite and equally as unforgiving, a deadly adversary. The phrase ‘from here to eternity’ flashed through Brian’s mind. Not a comforting thought for every pilot knew that exposure and hypothermia would inevitably claim his life even if he […]


To her right the North Sea was sneezing and grumbling. It cleared its throat repeatedly, looked drab and out of sorts. Lily’s own state of mind exactly. The inside of her head was full of shifting layers of, what? Sand, most likely. Sand and, or, mud. To her left, winter-empty beach huts, colours muted, paint […]

Black Sheep

Ours wasn’t a big bedroom, but it was larger than the one I’m in now. I remember, when she hurried me through the door, I caught again the once familiar view from the window. The lighthouse along the coast in Southwold stood out clearly today – I spotted it against the clouds before Ellie even […]


Despite the insistent wind lashing against their faces, the visiting walkers stomped along the coastal path. Disconcertingly, the sea was higher than the land and pregnant sails peeped over the sea wall looking down on woolly-headed, wax-jacketed, thermal-gloved stalwarts. Sturdy boots splashed and squelched with regular stops to allow for ‘bird-watching’. A woman did just […]