Well, the oil tank has gone, and although the church is still open, there will be no heating for some time. Regular services are being held in the Baptist Chapel and Court House. This just highlights the general deterioration of the building and installations and the urgent need for major repairs.
There is a little ray of sunshine though! The scaffolding that has been erected along the front of the building signifies that there is work planned. As a direct result of being granted “Heritage at Risk” status, we have been awarded £10,000 specifically to prevent further water seepage.
This is what the £10,000 will buy us:-
Raking out and repointing with lime mortar the South Aisle East parapet and wall and South Clerestory wall
Clearing all guttering
Replacing the South Aisle gutter
Replacing cracked tiles/slates on the Nave roof

One small step, but an important one. Thank you Historic England

For more information about the project visit Saving All Saints